Monday, August 1, 2011

Lake Placid Race Report

Sorry for the delay as I have been trying to really figure out how I feel about everything that went on during the race. Still deciding....

Woke up at 4:35am feeling pretty good, nerves were there, but in a good way. Made our way down to body marking, then into transition to set up the bike. At this time they said wetsuits couldn't be worn if you wanted to qualify for Kona (water temp was 77 degrees). There wasn't even a thought as if you have ever read this blog you know my swimming issues. Waited on line for the bathroom, then made my way to the beach, kissed Nancy and I was in the water up to my knees. Started to make my way out a little before the gun went off. I knew I'd be in the back of the pack so I planned to let the washing machine go out ahead of me. I crossed the start line with exactly 2 minutes off the clock. Swam wide as to not get hit (yes there are still people back there). Made my way around the course and as I was making my way into shore got punched square in the temple. At the exact time that happened, my left calf cramped. Go figure. Punch really didn't hurt and I got out and my watch said 54 and change. Ran back in and finished the swim in 1:51. Saw Martin on the run to transition, he ran with me a bit and reminded me to focus on pacing and nutrition.

Not many bikes left when I got to transiton, the volunteers were incredible all day. I am so amazed at how encouraging they are. Saw my brother, niece Haley and Nancy as I exited transition. Didn't realize I was going to have PTSD from my crash. My brother and I rode the course in the car and it didn't seem too bad. Felt faster on the bike. People flew by me on the downhills, I'd catch them on the flats and pass them on the uphills. The winner lapped at my mile 40 (his 96). The second loop was tougher, I had already had enough of the clif bloks that I'd been eating. Pulled into transiton after a slow 7:45 on the bike. All I could say when I saw my team was "Boy that was hard". Off to the run.

Felt good by mile 3-4 and actually felt better at mile 8. I was keeping to the plan and was thankful I was off the clif bloks. Finished the first half in right over 2 hours. Saw my team and said "I feel good". At mile 16 it all changed for me. I thought I'd either throw up or go #2. I choked it down and walked until it subsided. Started running again and it flared up. After not finishing Rev3 because of my crash, I wasn't about to dnf this race. I thought to myself what if I throw up and pass out? Next time if that happens, I will find out. Basically walked 8 of the last 10 miles. Every time I tried running, burning sensation flared up into my throat. Was able to muster a run into the oval where I saw Martin again and my team (so thankful they were there, sorry I worried them). Finished in 15:37:21.

Here is where I am deciding how I feel. I know I could have done better and am somewhat down because of it. On the other hand, I do know how far I've come in my journey. From completely out of shape, a lot heavier, not knowing how to really swim, never riding a bike with clips and never running more than 5 miles in my life to this. After my crash, I wasn't sure I'd make it here at all. Just to be able to finish it is a huge accomplishment for which I will always be extremely proud.

I was so happy to meet everyone connected with Team Cindy. It really helped that I had another cheering section throughout the race. I look forward to wearing the jersey at more races to help as much as possible.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tomorrow it is

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I hope to be able to have good news to report. I fully know that God has a plan for tomorrow. I am excited to see what it is.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Week from Tomorrow

I can't believe it's only a week away. Everything feels pretty good. I was back in the pool this week for the first time since the crash. Swam 3x, it felt almost normal. I'll swim a couple of times this week before we head up to Lake Placid on Thursday.

I am so thankful that in addition to my normal support team (Nancy), my brother and his daughter Haley will be coming. Spoke to Max yesterday, plan is in place. Taper has begun. Praying it will go well. Will try to get one more post in before we leave.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Almost all the way back

Two weeks from tomorrow will be Ironman Lake Placid.

I've had a good week of training. It started with being on the bike 3 consecutive days over the long weekend. Felt more comfortable everyday. The forearm hurts a bit if I am aero for too long. I am hoping this won't be an issue at IMLP. Still have a bit of an open wound, so I will be in the pool on Monday for the first time since the crash.

I feel like my fitness is there, the workouts have been tough with no lingering issues at all. I am so thankful and I feel so blessed to be able to compete at IMLP. The goal is to finish in under 17 hours. I'll be pleased with whatever my time is. The fact that I will be able to race is a win already for me.

Monday, June 20, 2011


So the healing continues. Was able to get in an easy run last Monday (25 minutes about 2.5 miles). Rode the stationary bike Tuesday for 30 minutes (went about half as fast as usual). Wednesday, met Gerrit for a run. Nancy and I ran about 15 minutes as a warmup to meet him. Then we ran 3.86 miles at a 7:37 pace. Ankle hurt the most. Took Thursday off because the surgeon rubbed my wounds till they bled. They throbbed the rest of the night. Friday night did some heavy leg presses, definitely sore. Saturday rode the bike for 30 minutes (almost as fast as normal). Sunday, Nancy and I did a race in Central Park (5 miles). I ran with her the whole time and we finished together in 42:10. Took today off and will try some heavy squats tomorrow.

Hoping to get in the pool next week.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So here is how Rev3 went on Sunday.

Felt good upon waking, not real nervous. Glad I saw Pam before everything started. Made my way down to the water and was in the 3rd wave after the pros went off. Stayed towards the back as everyone knows I am a slow swimmer. No real freakout, got out feeling good. Time was 48:33 (4 minutes better that here last year and 1.5 minutes better than Timberman). Swim club paid off as I felt strong and not mentally fatigued heading onto the bike. It was great to see Nancy, my brother and his family as I took off on the bike course.

Here is where things got a bit interesting. Early on, my heart rate monitor died. No big deal, I felt like I could monitor my effort level appropriately. There is a long climb from mile 25-31 and was glad to see Pam a couple times. At mile 32 there is a big S shaped descend. I was in my aero position and glanced at my computer (38mph). I thought maybe a bit too fast, I thought I tapped the brakes, but they locked up. I fishtailed twiced and went down hard on my right side. By the time I finished sliding and tumbling I was in the grass in a ton of pain. I tried to get up, but it hurt a lot. I took a mental inventory and felt like there were no broken bones. I tried to ride again, but when I grabbed the handlebars it hurt a ton (no skin on the right palm). Mental note, wear gloves. When I realized I couldn't grip the handlebars I tried to put my right arm aero and realized this hurt a lot more (point of impact). At that point I realized the race was over for me and I heard the ambulance coming.

They arrived and strongly suggested I go to the hospital. I agreed, but they said they couldn't take my bike, I then refused to go and asked to borrow their cell phone. I called Nancy and she said she'd come get me and my bike. I walked down (about 0.5 miles and waited with a State Trooper until Nancy arrived. He asked me "What was the lesson and what did I learn?" I answered, respect the downhills and that God is looking after me. Nancy, my brother and his family arrived and we went to the hospital.

The hospital staff was great all the way around. There was even a guy working the Emergency room who is a fellow triathlete. We were able to chat for a bit when he had time. The nurse, who was awesome, scrubbed the road rash and the guy in charge cleared my right forearm. My brother bought me some new clothes as mine were destroyed.

We made it back to transition, returned my chip, picked up stuff and chatted with the race director who was very nice. He offered me a finisher shirt which I politely declined (he said it would be hard to wear with pride).

Had a follow up visit with the surgeon for my arm yesterday, good news. I just have to keep doing what I am doing and it will heal.

I am so lucky that Nurse Nancy has been around for the past 3 days. I don't know what I would have done without her. I know she must love me a ton because of some of the stuff she's done. I hope she knows how much I love her too.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Almost Here

Rev3 Half is this Sunday and am hardly even thinking about it with work being so busy. Training is done, taper underway, looking forward to seeing what will happen.

Overall, I feel good. Swim times have been better (1:53-1:55 for 100yds). Previous run times also pretty good. Bike, I should have ridden outside more.

I will give it my all Sunday and be happy with the results (I say that now of course).