Thursday, April 29, 2010

Third Day in a "Row"

So I was rowing for the 3rd day in a row. 5 burpees, 10 pushups (I will proof my posts better from now on!), 500 meter row, AMRAP in 20 minutes.

Completed 6 full rounds and was 125 meters short of 7 full rounds. Beat my best by 225 meters. Was surprised since I felt like I was dragging a little.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Row and Run

Today's workout was Row 500m, Run 400m, 5 times as fast as possible.

Finished in 19:11. Definitely easier on the rear end getting up after each 500m. Looking forward to some good weather this weekend.


Thanks to david's comment I reread my post and noticed I put a 1000, it was ONLY 100. Sorry, I am no machine!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rowing and thrusting

Yesterday's workout consisted of 5 sets of 5 reps of thrusters. I used dumbbells for all sets. Results as follows;

45x1, 60x4. Felt I might be able to get 65's, but my gym's dumbbells only go to 60lbs.

Today did the 5K row for time. Brought a towel to pad the seat. Completely didn't help. I find it hurts so much, that it distracts from the rowing. I kept tellin myself to suck it up. Felt like a bit of a wimp that this was actually bothering me.
Finished in 21:20. Then I jumped off and immediately did my 1000 pushups for time. Really felt the thrusters from last night during these. Finished in 3:20.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Run, rest, repeat

Today's workout was 4x1 mile repeats with 8 minutes of rest in between each set.

First set was 6:28, 2nd was 6:36, 3rd was 6:46, and the last was 6:50.

Considering the WOD's yesterday, really pleased they were all under 7 minutes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Practiced a lot of bike handling today

Had a 20K bike on tap for today. Went up to Central Park around noon. Boy, what a mistake. Everyone was there. There was even some kind of walk for charity taking up half the lanes. Finished 12.04 miles in 42:46. I can usually do this distance in around 39 minutes. I was able to practice a lot of weaving, stopping, starting, etc. trying to avoid everyone. Now I know why I usually go early in the morning.

Compressed 2 WOD's into one session about 3 hours later. 5 sets of 5 reps of deadlifts. Results are 205, 225, 235, 245x2. Felt strong throughout.

Then I did 7 sets of max weight squats. I knew this wasn't going to be pretty. Startd at 205lbs. and stayed there for all sets, lost count in the middle and ended up doing 8 sets. Maybe could have put a few more pounds on the bar, but wanted to keep them deep enough.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Had to switch some things around

Here are the results of the past few workouts.

Run 400m, 35lb dumbbell swing 21 reps, 12 pullups 3 rounds for time. Finished in 9:11, all swing sets were unbroken, pull up sets were broken, but unassisted. Treadmill set at 10mph (could have gone a bit faster, but this was the max speed for the treadmill). Followed this immediately with a bike of 2 minutes on (standing) 1 minute off (slow pedaling), ten times. Only covered 4.9 miles on the stationary bike, but was definitely a tough workout.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 , 2 , 1 reps of burpees, squats and sit ups. Finished 7:27. Felt good throughout.

Cut short my 60K bike to a 40K bike the other night due to the severe weather. It was actually hailing in Central Park. Finished in 1:20:50 with an actual mileage of 24.08.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The gym was really crowded

Last night's 5K for time was done on the treadmill because I didn't want to dodge cars to get to the Westside Highway. Finished in 21:01. Considering how sore I was, I am really happy with the time (34 seconds off my PR).

Tonight I had 7 sets of 1 repetiton of max weight deadlifts. Got to the gym and there was not one locker free and about 10 people ahead of me waitng. I brought my bag to the gym floor and had to do the deadlifts in the middle of the floor. The power rack was being used. Warmed up with 135lbs. The sets are as follows; 225, 275, 295, 305 (pr), failed at 305 the 2nd time, gave it another go and got it, 275x2 to finish.

Then there were still no lockers (good thing I had my tri shorts on under my shorts). Left my bag on the side of the pool and did my 1000 yards in 24:52. I know a lot of you couldn't swim that slow if you tried. You probably could doggie paddle faster, but at least I was comfortable the whole time. I didn't feel any drowning sensation (even though the pool is only 4 feet deep).

Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeling better

So with the realization of how little carbs I was eating, I have been more aware of making sure I get them in.

Swapped some of the workouts around over the weekend. Saturday's 1st WOD was 30-20-10 rep rounds of wall balls (substituted 45lb barbell thrusters) squats and pushups. Finished in 6:07.

Today was going to be a day off, but since my legs were incredibly sore, I chose yesterday as a day off and will do the 60K bike tomorrow or Wednesday.

This morning was 100ft walking lunges (did 17 each leg in a stationary position), 10 burpees, 25 sit ups 3 rounds for time. Finished in 11:47. Sit ups were especially hard for some reason.

Have a 5K run for time on tap for tonight.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lots of squats

So I am somewhat relieved that I will get my diet on track and hopefully my times will reflect the positive change.

This morning I did the 1/4 body weight kettlebell swing (used a 45lb. dumbbell) 40 reps, 40 sit ups, 40 squats 3 rounds for time. Finished in 14:50, felt really weak, but was happy to finish.

Came home from work and since I needed to go back to work, decided to do the 300 squats for time. With Nancy's help I finished in 8:53 which is a 29 second improvement from a couple of weeks ago.

Diet was better today. I will keep a food journal for the next week or so to see how I am doing, inorder to keep things straight.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am not too smart

So, I have been trying to figure out why I have been so fatigued lately. I feel like I haven't been able to get enough sleep and that my power is down.

First thing I thought, "Is Max trying to break me down?" Then I realized that was the whole point, to make the races seem like no big deal. Then I thought, " Am I getting enough sleep?" Answer is, same as usual. So it must be my diet.

Nancy and I switched over to Paleo about 3 weeks or so ago. I have lost about 6-7 pounds since and just thought it was due to the new way of eating. Then when I sat down and actually figured it out I realized that the non Paleo foods I took out of my diet, I never replaced with Paleo foods. The carb blocks I took out, I never replaced (anywhere from 6-9 blocks per day). Also, the fat I used to eat with breakfast I haven't replaced. I need to figure a way to put those blocks back in a Paleo friendly manner.

Today's workout consisted of biking 5 miles 5 times, with 5 minutes of rest in between sets. Was planning to do this workout outside, but when I was ready to leave it looked like it was about to pour so I went over to the gym for the stationary bike. First set completed in 14:45 rested only 2 minutes, 2nd set was 14:40, rested 3 minutes, 3rd set was 15 minutes even, then as I was about to start my 4th set someone asked me a question, so the rest ended up being 6 minutes, finished in 14:59, rested 1:30 and the last set was 17:54.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beat and Beat up

So now after reading a lot of the blogs, I feel somewhat better. I have really been feeling beat, sore, tired, drained, etc..

Got up early yesterday to do do Fran (21 reps thrusters-used 50lb. dumbbells, 21 reps pull ups, 15 reps thrusters, 15 pull ups, 9 reps thrusters, 9 pull ups). Did this workout about 6 weeks ago in just under 10 minutes. Yesterday finished in

Was planning on switching my 13.1 mile run with a 1.2 mile swim. Got home from work and could barely keep my eyes open. Never made it to the swim. Feeling a little better today.

Have a double on tap for tonight.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A day like no other

So today I did my first triple workout. Let me explain, Yesterday morning, I got up and did 5 loops in Central Park. I realize I have so much to learn with riding a bike. My gearing stinks. For the most part, I kept it in the same gear all the way around, and just grinded up the hills. Total distance covered 30.1 miles in 1:40:47 for an average speed of 17.91mph. The winds yesterday were pretty tough, I almost got knocked over a few times. Overall, pretty pleased with my result.

Came home to finish painting and couldn't get the 2nd workout done before going to our friend Fiona's birthday dinner. Had a great time, so I knew I would have a double today.

First workout was row 500m, 21 box jumps, 21 push ups, row 500m, 15 box jumps, 15 pushups, row 500m 9 box jumps, 9 pushups for time. Finished in 10 minutes flat. Had a lane reservation at 4pm and on our way, I realized I had time to do my max weight deadlift workout on tap for tomorrow, before my swim. Even though, I really haven't been able to extend my arms since the pull ups I figured I'd give it a go for a day off tomorrow. I had to do 7 sets of max weight 1 rep deadlifts. Results are 225,275,295x2 (failed on a 3rd try, everything moved, but the bar) 275x2 and 255.

Then I was ready for the pool. I knew I didn't have time to wait 4 minutes as the pool was closing (I had a half hour). I decided to go the first time and then decide how long to wait. First 100 I finished in a not surprisingly slow time of 2:18. I made the decision to wait 2 minutes between sets. Second and third sets were both 2:03, fourth and fifth sets were both 2:12 and the final set was 2:10. I think they turned the heat off in the pool as I got in, because it was really cold as I was finishing.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I couldn't straighten out my arms all day

So needless to say I am really sore from the thruster/dip combo from last night. This morning I went over to the gym to do 100 pull ups for time. Finished in 11:26.
All unassisted and 1:47 faster than the last time.

This afternoon left work a little early to do the 4 x 1 mile repeats. The workout goes like this; run as fast as you can for 1 mile, rest 8 minutes, repeat 4 times.
First and third miles were done into a huge headwind. Mile 1 came in at 6:39, mile 2 was 6:49, mile 3 was 7:18. Then I only waited 5 minutes as I was getting a little cold, mile 4 was 7:16. Overall, feeling pretty good about the running considering how tired my legs have been feeling.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I can barely lift my arms

So after yesterday's blazing 800yds (19:14) ;-) I had a double on tap for today. Up early and over to the stationary bike for the tabata bike. 1 minute on/30seconds off for 30 minutes. 8.92 miles covered.

Had a good day at work and Nancy and I met my friend Gerrit at the gym for a thruster/dip combo. Had to do 21 reps thrusters/dips, 15 reps thrusters/dips then 9 reps thrusters/dips. Weight used was 95lbs. on the thrusters, no assistance on the dips. Got 10 continuous reps the first set, then all the sets were broken. Every dip set was broken too. Finished in 11:18 and almost threw up. Felt better after the walk home. Now, almost three hours later I can barely lift my arms. Not looking forward to the 100 pull ups for time tomorrow. But, I will say I am glad to be splitting up the doubles. I am sure my tabata bike would have been really poor if I did it immediately after my workout tonight.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Double Split

So today was the first time I actually split the 2 WODs. First one this morning was 250 situps for time. Did them all on the incline bench. Finished in 8:39, with a huge rear irritation. Who would have ever thought I'd rather do knees to elbows!

Had my second and last day of jury duty today then had to do a 20 minute run (10minutes out, 10 minutes back). First 10 minutes got in 1.5 miles, 2nd 10 minutes ran 1.38 miles. Overall was 2.88 miles for a 6:56 pace. Only had to wait 10 seconds for lights to change, I kept the time because it was nice to have the recovery.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Squat and swim

So tonight's workout was 5 sets of 7 reps of squats.
Warmed up with 135lbs and went to 185lbs. It was really hard. I stuck with that weight for all 5 sets as I knew if I put more weight on my squats would be too shallow.

Was able to get a quick swim in. Warmed up and did 500 yards at 12:12. Still really slow I know, but at least it's going in the right direction.

40K in the park

I hope everyone had a great Easter. Nancy and I were heading out her parents' house and I decided to do my 40K in Central Park early to avoid the crowds.

Finished in 1:18:08 for 24.08 miles (slightly less than the 40K, but 4 loops around the park. It was my first time outside on the bike this year and I had a great time.

I am looking forward to more riding in park and Martin, I would love to set up a Team Trimax ride on a weekend.

Off to do squats and a swim (pool was closed yesterday).

Saturday, April 3, 2010

10K and a tune up

So today was my 10K race. Nancy and I joined the NY Road Runners and are going to do 9 races this year, plus volunteer at one. This gets us automatic entry into 2011's NYC Marathon. So even with the toe, I was finishing this race. Had a forced 3rd day off yesterday. I have been walking on the outside of my foot so as not to put pressure on the toe. I really had no expectations for today. The metric of success was to finish without injuring it more. Well, goal accomplished.

It was a beautiful day in NYC, and about 7800 people were there for the race. I went back to Nancy's corral as I didn't want to get passed all day. We started together then about 2 minutes in I decided to stop for a quick bathroom break as I didn't know how long I'd be out there. Once I started going, the toe hurt until about mile 4, then was fine or numb. First 3 miles were covered in 26:09 and the last 3.2 in 24:42 for a total time of 50:51. Finished 268 out 551 in my age group. Was fairly pleased that I averaged 7:41's for the last 3.2 miles without really pushing.

Planning on my 40K bike in the park tomorrow as I just had the bike tuned up and my bike handling skills need a ton of improvement.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Forced day off number 2

So with the toe still killing, I opted for another day of rest. I will try to give it a go tomorrow. I am hoping it'll be okay for my 10K on Saturday, otherwise it will be a 10K walk.

As you can see fom this picture, my cat's paw is perfectly fine.