Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Work

Switched yesterday and today's workouts.

Yesterday back squats 7 sets of 1 rep max. Warmed up and went 225lbs. Felt like my squat wasn't nearly as deep as it needed to be, so I dropped the weight to 205lb. for the next 6 sets. Not even close to my best.

Then I had 6x100yd swim with 4 min rest in between. Could only wait 2 minutes as my lane time would have expired. Went 1:47, 1:51x2, 1:52x2 and 1:55. Let me say, they felt great! Not fast I know, but I seem to be in a much better place in the pool mentally. As I was dressing afterwards, they made an announcement that the pool was being closed due to high levels of chlorine. I hope this wasn't the reason for my fast times?

Played golf this morning (shot a 79!). Nancy and I ran some errands and got to the gym tonight for 50 thrusters of 65lbs. (substituted 35lb. dumbbells). Finished in 2:26, I believe the last time I did this it was 2:54. Then hopped on the bike for 30 minute time trial at 70% effort. Still hard to dial that in. Went 6.9 miles.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feel like I am tapered

So here I am, Thursday morning after Timberman. I feel as good as I did leading up to the race. I feel like I am tapering. I am following the protocol exactly as prescribed. The only thing hanging on is the euphoria!

I realized that when the season started, my goal was to break 6 hours in a half. I also noted that if I went under 5:30, I would sign up for an Ironman. That is the new goal for the MightyMan Half in Montauk on 10/3.

Thanks everyone for your notes, Tuesday the training gets started in earnest again.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Timberman Race Report

All I can say is WOW!!! I don't think I can be any happier with my results. Of course I will look to improve, but I am so incredibly pleased.

Results first. Finished in 5:46:04 which is almost a 45 minute PR from Rev3 in early June. 45 minutes! Not a typo, not a misprint, 45 minutes!!

Swim time 49:55 (that's almost 3 minutes faster than Rev3)
Transition 1 3:16 (I need to work on clipping my shoes in and going with no socks)
Bike 2:58:04 (18.9mph, 28 minutes faster than Rev3)
Transition 2 3:13 (need to work on taking my feet out of the bike and no socks)
Run 1:51:36 (almost 14 minutes faster than Rev3, 8:31's per mile)

Nancy and I left early Saturday for our trip to Timberman. Small world it is. As we stopped at a rest stop we bumped into Cliff Scherb, who Max had introduced me to. A month ago Cliff drastically refit my bike. He was there to do Timberman too before he does Kona. It was good to see him and we continued on our way.

We arrived at the race site to check in and I realized we needed to go to Gunstock Resort to check in and for the mandatory meeting. Since this was going to be my first Ironman event, I wanted to make sure all was okay. We walked around a bit, then went back to the race site to rack my bike. Left for the evening to drive our 36 miles back to the hotel. At the meeting they said that if you got there late (after 5am) you would have to take a shuttle bus to the race site. They also said they had 2700 participants.

Nancy and I decided to get up at 3:40am inorder to be able to park at the race site. I didn't want to risk it and they were predicting rain, so Nancy could go back to the car while I was out on the course. Got to the course at 4:35am and still had to wait, but got in. Set up in transition and went back to the car. Pre race meal was a protein bar, bagel with peanut butter and jelly and a banana with some coffee and gatorade.

Transition closed at 6:45am and we made our way down to the beach. It is an in water start (up to your knees). I was right in the middle of the 18 waves (so at least I wouldn't be at the very end getting out of the water). The horn sounded and off we went. I decided I was going to walk as far as I could as it would be faster than my swimming. I almost made it to the first buoy! The normal freakout came almost immediately and I told myself to side stroke until I got it under control. I was praying at this moment when a lady in a kayak said "hello". I had wandered a little bit inside the marked course. I said thanks and she said "Sorry to wake you". I kinda laughed, tension gone (prayers answered) and I figured I better swim. Felt at peace the rest of the way, didn't get bumped or jostled at all. When I got out I ran to a wet suit stripper who ripped my wetsuit off in no time flat. Noticed I was around 50 minutes, so I was psyched.

Transition went okay, fairly long run to the bike out point. Hopped on, saw Nancy and off we went. Everyone that I spoke to said most of the hills were in the first 12 miles or so. They were right. Mile 10 had a big hill, but felt strong throughout as I felt I was passing a lot of people (I was also getting passed a bunch, but not on the hills!). Once the big hill was done I settled in and got my heart rate under control. Ate 3 Clif blocks and drank 5oz. of gatorade every 20 minutes throughout. There was a point where I was just cruising at 23-25mph and I thought I could push it, but followed the plan and the heart rate zone. Started to rain when I hit mile 25 and lasted most of the rest of the way in the bike. Definitely felt like I could have gone 5-10 minutes faster, like Max wanted me to feel as I got off the bike.

Pulled into transition and went out to the run. Stopped and gave Nancy a quick kiss on my way out too. Had a quick thought that my sneakers weren't tight enough, but that thought was gone early. Thought I was starting to cramp, but then realized it was just my legs getting used to running and not pedaling. However, I was full. My stomach felt like I couldn't eat anything. So much so that I didn't even drink anything I think between miles 3-5. The wet sponges were a big help. The course was not overly hilly, but still had some hills. I liked the fact that it was a 2 loop out and back course so I could break it up into quarters. Passed a bunch of people throughout the run. Really tried to pour it on from mile 8-9 in. My last 1/4 was my second fastest next to the first 1/4. I must have passed at least 10-12 people in my age group in the last 1.5 miles who were walking or shuffling.

As I was coming down the chute I was by myself and I thought I can't believe I just did this! I raised my hands in pure joy! I saw Nancy and we both just kinda looked at each other dumbfounded? I had forgotten to get my finisher medal, so I went back and Chrissie Wellington who had smoked all the other ladies put it around my neck. She was smiling the whole time. Any pain that I was feeling left me quickly and was replaced by euphoria. I am still a little stunned at how well I did.

Preliminary results show that I came in 199th out of 332. Swim place was 314th, bike was 230th and the run was 123rd. I still realize that I am not a fast triathlete, but for me, the improvement is astounding. For the first time I actually feel like I am a triathlete. I am not disappointed in the slightest in my placing. The reason I started this training was to prove to myself that I can do this. Even though I am in a competiton, I am competing with myself first and foremost. I may never be a top age grouper, but I will continue to strive to be the best I am capable of being.

I really want to thank Nancy for being my support team during these races. I could not do them without her. I'd also like to thank Max for all of his help. I felt so ready before this race. I felt completely prepared thanks to him. Also, thanks to all the notes and well wishes that I got from my friends, family and fellow Trimax teammates. I can't tell you how much they meant to me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Smart, I am not

So today as I was confirming my hotel reservations for Timberman next week, I noticed that the hotel I am staying at is 30 miles from the race! I chose it because it is the first hotel they plug on the website! My fault for not checking the distance, I will not make that mistake again. When I originally made these reservations (last October) I thought I was being so on top of things. Just makes an early day earlier I guess. Found my bib number 1009 and my swim wave (wave #9 taking off at 7:35am). We are leaving Saturday morning as I'll have to work late Friday (we were originally going to leave Friday).

Full Taper mode in effect. Past couple of results were run 400m, 50 squats, 10 burpees, 4 times for time. Finished in 15:30 previous best was 14:36..

21 burpees. row 500m, 15 burpees, 500m row, 9 burpees, 500m row. Finished in 9:20. Previous best was 9:46.

I think burpees and I have reached an understanding.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fran, run and an AMRAP

Yesterday morning's workout was Fran. It consists of 21 thrusters (used 50lb. dumbbells) 21 pull ups, 15 thrusters, 15 pull ups, 9 thrusters, 9 pull ups. Finished in 7:34 which is 13 seconds slower than my best time. Don't know if it was because I did it before work, but I was happy with my effort.

Last night's workout was a 15 minute run Time Trial. Hard to know how fast to go out because you still want to run the whole time. Nancy had the same workout and our friend Gerrit came along for the run too. Results are as follows
Dan 2.34 miles in 15:00 minutes, 6:24 pace.
Gerrit 2.54 miles in 15:14, 5:59 pace.
Nancy 1.94 miles in 15:27, 7:57 pace.

We were all pleased with our results.

Tonight was an AMRAP of 10 box jumps, 10 squats, 10 lunges(5 each leg). Again Nancy had the same workout we went together to the gym and counted and timed each other. She finished 19 rounds plus the box jumps and 5 squats in the 20th round. I finished 20 rounds plus the box jumps and 8 squats in the 20 minutes. I am still slow on the squats and was surprised I finished more than she did.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two Weeks from Today

So Timberman is 2 weeks from today. Feeling ready, like I've been able to do some good work since Rev3. Nerves are beginning to creep up. I know I've done the distance before, so it's not that. It is the nerves of wanting to do well. I will do my best and give it my all and be happy (I say that now).

Last couple of results
Deadlifts, 7 sets of 1 rep max. Warmed up or so I thought and went 245,295(cranked my back a bit),315,325 failed, 320 failed, 295, 300. Got the two failed attempts to about my knees before stopping.

Back was tight, but not bad on Friday for Bench Press 1/2 body weight 21 reps, run 800m, bench press 15 reps, run 800, bench press 9 reps, run 800. Logistical reasons made me use the machine. Set it at #9 (90lbs.?). Finished in 11:16. Felt good in my new sneakers.

Yesterday was 50 step ups (25 each leg), 40 box jumps, 30 sit ups, 20 pushups, 10 burpees 2x for time. Finished in 11:47. Went to the pool and worked on my stroke. Actually swam faster breathing out of my right side. Feel like I can implement it at the upcoming races.

Today was supposed to be a 40 mile bike TT to practice nutrition/pacing for the race. Got a later start than I had hoped because I could not get my HR monitor to work. Went without it. Was only able to finish 5 loops in Central Park (30.1 miles). Took 1:35:10 for an average speed of 18.98mph. Came home and immediately did WOD # 2. 100 burpees for time. Finished in 10:21.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still no day off

I never look too far ahead in my plan. Keeps me focused on what I need to do today. So here I was thinking I made it through a month without an off day. Well lo and behold, still no off day until Monday the 9th. I am actually not missing them as much as I thought I would.

Was away for most of the weekend so I had to shuffle some workouts.

Helen (Run 400m, 21 kettlebells swings with a 25lb. KB, 12 pullups) Finished in 8:58. Had a couple transition issues due to other members, so I think I lost about 30 seconds overall.

30 minute Bike time Trial (outside headed towards Montauk from our friend's Sunny and Emily's house) Finished 9.9 miles.

25 KB swings with a 25lb. KB, 500m row 4 times for time. Really liked this workout as it broke up the rowing. Finished in 12:08.

10K for time. Did this in Montauk too in my new sneakers (extremely comfortable, no issues at all). Actually ended up doing only 6.18 miles in 44:31 for a 7:12 pace.

Tabata bike. 32 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. Finished 5.20 miles.

Swam in the pool out in Amagansett. Short, but actually figured out how to breathe out of my right side and felt comfortable doing it. Looking forward to the swim tomorrow (did I just say that?)