Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting ready for MightyMan

Taper time has arrived. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago I was getting ready to race at Timberman. I am feeling ready.

Past couple of workouts were Run 400m, 50 squats, 10 burpees 4x through for time. Finished this in 13:55 which is 1:38 faster than a week ago. As I was running at 10.5mph on the treadmill, I felt like I wasn't flailing like I normally am. These thoughts would be somewhat prophetic yesterday.

Nancy and I signed up for the Fifth Avenue Mile. It was pretty neat to run down the middle of Fifth Avenue from 79th Street to 59th Street. I lined up in my corral as Nancy was in the wave in front of me. My wave was the 40-49 age group. As I looked around I thought to myself, look at all these old guys. Then I thought, that's me! I am that old! The gun went off, the first 1/4 mile was a bit down hill and I was at 1:21 on my watch as I passed the marker. The second 1/4 mile was uphill and I was at 2:50 as I went by. Didn't check at the 3/4 mile mark as I was in full oxygen depletion mode. Hung on the best I could and crossed the finish line for an official time of 5:40 for an avg. speed of 10.58mph. I realize as I am typing this now that my 2nd half mile was as fast as the first half. I am really happy with how fast I was able to go. I placed 68th out of 296 in my 40-44 age group. Although when I looked at the official times, I could have been as high as 63rd or as low as 70th. Nancy finished in 7:09 and was pleased with her time.

We'll head to our friend's Sunny and Emily's Saturday for the packet pickup. Also, we'll be in Hartford, CT on Friday October 8th as Nancy is running the Hartford Marathon the next day with her brother Jon (and fellow Trimax teammate Martin). Any Trimaxers that want to join us for dinner Friday evening, we'd love to see you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tonight's workout was 100 pullups (unassisted), 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats for time. I was able to partition as necessary.

First three rounds I did 10 pullups, 25 pushups, 25 situps, 25 squats. Round 4 was 20 pull ups, 25 pushups, 25 situps and 25 squats. I finished this in about 12:30. This left me with 50 pullups to complete the workout. Finished them and the total time was 18:39.

I will be sore from this workout no doubt.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Still a lot going on

Sorry for the silence lately.

Here are my recent results;

Run 400m, 50 squats, 10 burpees 4x thru for time. Finished in 15:33 which is almost a minute slower than my best time.

45 minute time trial on the stationary bike, finished 15.53 miles.

7 sets of 1 rep max deadlifts, 245,275,305,325(failed),315,315(failed),275x2.

Modified a workout to do leg presses because I couldn't row and squat at my gym. Figured out 150lbs. and did 21 reps, 500m row, 15 reps, 500m row, 9 reps, 500m row in 8:54

Helen with a 50lb. dumbbell (was supposed to use a 55lb. KB, but my gym only has up to 50lb dumbbells that I can actually use as a kettlebel). Helen is run 400m 21KB swings and 12 pullups 3x thru for time. Finished in 10:48. Slow time for me with Helen, I believe it due to the never before used 50lb. kettlebell swings.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tough Week

Going through some personal things that are taking up a lot of mental energy. Nothing to worry or anything bad, just time consuming.

I'll work backwards.

Today was Row 500m, 45lb Kettlebell(used a 45lb. dumbbell) 50reps, row 500m, 40 KB swings, row 500m, 30 KB swings, row 500m. Finished this one on the verge of getting sick in 15:42. Almost took 2 minutes off my last time from a little more than a week ago. I think I am getting stronger with the KB swings.

Yesterday was 7 sets of 1 rep max squats. Working with my extra deep squats I went 185, 205, 225x4, 185. Felt good.

Tuesday was an unscheduled day off.

Monday was supposed to be deadlift bodyweight (175lbs) 30x then 100m row. Logistics at the gym led me to do deadlift bodyweight 50x instead. Finished in 6:05. Then went to the pool and did 500m in 11:24, plus 3 100m in between 2:03 and 2:12. On the way home my left hamstring felt warm and tingly for some reason. It is back to normal today.

Sunday, I was up at 4am to volunteer for a 1 mile swim (I should have swam instead). Came home shot and went to the gym for Row 500m, 45lb dumbbell thrusters 21 reps 3x time for time. I must have been too tired (or a dumbbell myself) because I did row 500m, 21 KB swings with a 45lb. dumbbell 3x for time. Finished my own mistaken modified workout in 9:50.

Diet has been on track, felt a little guilty for missing Tuesday's WOD, but have decided to not worry about it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A better end than beginning

So the week finished off with the diet being back on track and the workouts being better too.

Wednesday's workout was Row 500m, 50KB swings with 45lb. dumbbell, row 500m, 40KB swings, row 500, 30KB swings, 500m row. Let me say 45lb. Dumbbells are a heavy, but I figure that's the point and I actually kind of liked them. Finished in 17:39, every set of KB was broken.

Immediately before that I did the tabata bike on the stationary bike. Work 20 seconds rest 10 seconds 32 reps. Finished 4.92 miles.

Thursday night was 5 sets of 3 reps of max weight deadlifts. Warmed up and went 235, 255, 275, 285 (had to regrip on the 3rd rep, I definitely need to buy some chalk), 275. Felt strong.

Yesterday was run 200m, rest for that time, run 400m, rest for that time, run 800m, rest for that time and back down. Total time was 13:31. Last 200m was 38 seconds. So I figure I ran 1800m in 6:25-26. Which equates to about a 5:44 pace. The treadmill was flying. Really happy that I was able to run that fast.

Today was Row 500m, 15 pushups 4x for time. I am slow in transition and finished in 9:57. Jumped on the stationary bike which is as bad as the treadmill for a 20K for time. Finished slowly in 41:54.

Overall, feeling back in the groove and thinking I only have 3 weeks to the MightyMan Half, so i am glad things feel back to normal.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lost weekend

So Nancy and I drove to our friends' Sunny and Emily's house in Amagansett this past Friday.

Before the drive got up early and did 30-20-10 reps of Dumbbells thrusters(30lbs.), squats and pushups. Finished in 6:42.

Was planning on doing my bike workouts on Saturday and Sunday. Well Saturday never happened (but I figured I had an off day for 9/6 that I'd swap). Sunday I rode out to Montauk and on my way back (about 2.5 miles from my friends' house) I ran over a piece of metal with my back tire. One hundred yards later, I had my first ever flat. The results of the ride were 29.2 miles in 1:36:31 for an average speed of 18.15mph. This includes some time after the flat, before I stopped my watch. The wind was brutal coming back. On the way out I was above 21mph, so you can see I was fighting an uphill battle. Called Sunny to come pick me up and with his help I changed the tire.

Finished out the day with 10x200yd sprints resting as long as each set took. I paced this off, so the yardage wasn't exact. Each set took between 33 and 37 seconds. I rested for 30 seconds each time and finished in 11:25.

Yesterday I was planning on doing the 5x5mile bike repeats while resting 5 minutes in between each set. Headed out and just didn't have it. Finished 6.2 miles in 18:35 for an average speed of 20mph.

I think what happened to me was I really did not eat well (drank too many beers too, no more than 3 a night but to have 7 or so in 3 days is more than I've had in 3 months). Breakfast was Paleo and that was it. I think yesterday and today it caught up with me. I had no zip, no energy and especially today my stomach was a bit all over the place. First time since I started eating Paleo that I was this careless with my diet. I am still paying the price as today's workout suffered, even though the diet was back on track since last night at dinner.

Tonight's workout was "Cindy" 5 pull ups, 10 pushups and 15 squats AMRAP in 20 minutes. Finished 20 full rounds and the pull ups and pushups for round 21. Then immediately went out and ran the 10K that was the 2nd WOD on the plan. Did 6 miles in 50:52 while losing 1:45 to traffic lights. This equates to 8:28s, while my average HR was 162. I had a cramp the whole time and only now does it feel a bit better.

I am considering this weekend a lesson learned.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Labor Day has come early

Well, the work has begun again. Last night I had to modify the workout of deadlift 265lbs. 5 reps, 10 box jumps, 500m row because there is no way the row can logistically be done at my gym while doing deadlifts and box jumps.

Here is how the workout went. Deadlift 265lbs. 5 reps (Nancy standing there saying you read your plan wrong, Max wouldn't prescribe this, it's probably 1/2 your body weight). No, I read the plan right. Could barely get them as my hands were slipping (I need to buy chalk to bring with me). Went on to the 10 box jumps at 24" high (with Nancy saying you are going to kill yourself). Then did 20 burpees. During the box jumps and burpees Nancy dropped the weight to 245lbs. Did the 5 reps, then the 10 box jumps and then did 20 pushups. During that time she dropped the weight again to 225lbs. then did the box jumps and 10 pull ups (almost threw up during the pull ups, could have been because a guy near us was glowing from his BO). Finished this modified workout in a pool of sweat in 9:42.

This morning when I got up, I could barely walk and my back hurts to the touch. Not injured, but sore.

This am's WOD was 45lb. kb swing 40 reps, 40 squats, 40 sit ups 3x through. Used a 45lb. dumbbell instead and all I can say was they were hard. I am slow on squats and situps. Finished in 19:05.

Will be heading out to Amagansett this weekend and will be able to ride some of the course for the 1/2 Iron distance race I am doing on October 3rd. I plan on waiting until after Hurricane Earl comes through as I don't want to practice riding in conditions that windy.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How low can you go?

So last night I was waiting with Nancy for the squat rack to clear at my gym and I noticed that the guy doing squats was barely bending his knees. I told Nancy I was going low. Problem is, when you go that low (lower than I have been) you can't go as heavy. I used to come down just past parallel. I was much lower last night. As a result after the warmups I did all 5 sets of 3 reps at 185lbs. I can feel them already and will restart my work from this point.

Due to plans on Monday, shortened my 20K bike @ 80% to a 30 minute bike at 80%. Finished 8.70 miles. Again, hard to dial it in.