Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December to Remember

Or is it Remember last December? So, trying to figure out what to do this December, I decided to revisit last December's plan. It'll be fun to see how things have changed.

Today's WOD was 5 sets of 21 reps of 40lb. dumbbell chest presses(last year I used a 135 pound barbell) followed by 50 squats.

Last year this workout took over 29 minutes. Tonight it was 13:51.

Swimming will be done on the weekends for easier scheduling.

Not sure how the 40lb dumbells compare to 135lb barbell.


  1. wow what a difference dan! I've been told that when subbing dumbbells for a barbell it is the weight of both dumbbells and 45 pounds is the equivalent. So this was about 10 pounds lighter than last time if that formula is true. The reason being because you lose the power chain with the dumbbells and have to stabilize them. not job!

  2. nice work Dan!

    What's next? I thought you'd be in for IMAZ...? Thanks for your nice notes on both my race report and my blog about Chlo. I feel like I did right by her :).

    Enjoy December!