Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Amazing Day!

Sunday was the NYC Marathon. It would be my first marathon. When Nancy was volunteering, she said a guy told her that if I never do another marathon, at least I had done the best. I absolutely think he is right.

Results first: 3:45:29 for an average pace of 8:37 per mile. As of now, they are still updating the results, I placed 9117 out of 44,829 finishers, 1730th in my age group out of 5722 (right at top 30%). 5K time 26:20, 10K time 53:45, half marathon time 1:54:50. I won't bore you with each and every mile split, but will give you some nuggets. Average HR for the race was 162. Slowest mile was the 5th mile at 9:24. Three miles over 9 minute pace and 2 miles below 8 minute pace. Fastest mile was the last 25th to 26th @ 7:42. Slowest avg. HR for a mile was 157 for the first 2 miles and the highest was 175 for the last. At the end my HR was @ 181bpm.

The plan was to go out for the first 13 miles with an average HR between 155-160. Hit the numbers perfectly, although I did feel I could run for 40 miles at that pace. I was actually chatting with a guy for 3-4 miles. Then, I noticed the 4:00 pace team and thought "Uh-Oh, I better pick it up" From mile 13-20, the plan was to push it some more if I could. HR was in the mid 160's. From mile 20 to the end, I just went as hard as I could. Glad I had enough in the tank. I did not walk except to drink during the aid stations.

First impression, is that this race is what makes NYC so great. I heard there were 2.5 million people watching and it sure felt that way. Nancy made a great sign for the front of my shirt that had my name on it. I must have heard "Go Dan" at least 500 times. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of the race. It was hard no doubt, but the experience is one I'll never forget. I am so thankful for my friend Natalie who was able to get me in to the race. It was great to see Nancy, her brother Jon, my friends Evie and George out on the course. It was also great to see my friends from church afterwards for the celebration (rehydrating with beer!)

As far as the training goes, I never had a doubt that I would be prepared. Since Timberman in late August, I had not run further than a 10K and only did that once. Another long run was 2 5K's separated by a 10 minute rest. As of this writing, I have a little tightnes in my lower calves, but other than that, I am good. I am looking forward to a little mental down time, but will use it to plan the schedule for next year.


  1. Wow! Just awesome Dan!! Great way to wrap up a terrific season. I really want to run this one some day!

  2. Dan! Glad to hear that you did so well! And that you had such a wonderful experience. I would like to do this race someday too. Its fantastic that you felt like you could go harder next time. Sounds like it was pretty perfect.

  3. Just read your post Dan, fabulous effort well done :)