Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Ready to Run

So I am back from the land of the lost. New business has been taking up a ton of time, but I am really enjoying it.

Workouts have been getting done (missed 2 in the past month). Even though the training has been going well, I am still not mentally focused on the marathon yet. A friend asked me today if I was ready for Sunday and I answered, "What's Sunday?". That is how much mental energy the new business is taking. I imagine the nerves and excitement will come soon enough.

Nancy and I went to a great costume party at our friend's Laura, Elaine and Kat's apartment on Saturday night. It was only fitting that Nancy was dressed as Supergirl. I bought a Hercules costume (stop laughing). When I realized there was absolutely no resemblance to Hercules, Nancy suggested I go as Phidippedes (spelling is wrong). He is the guy who ran from Marathon to Athens to get help for the army, this was known as the first marathon. The only bad thing I didn't realize is that he died at the end. I hope this isn't foreshadowing ;-).

I do know that I will give it everything I have and be happy with my result. Having never run more than 14 miles, this should be interesting. Glad I am running with my friend Gerrit, even though I'll be running behind him.

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  1. Dan! great to hear your update! I think your going to do great on sunday. Youve been doing your workouts. At least your not going to over think the race! There is a chance I might be coming in to watch in live. Not sure yet. best wishes for a sucessful race and Ill be looking back on here for your race report!