Thursday, November 4, 2010

Okay, the nerves are here

Today the nerves hit me. I so want to do well, my expectations are all over the place. Why I have any expectations I don't know. Everything after mile 14 will be new ground for me. Spoke to Max, have the plan, ready to implement it and to see what happens.

Did the WOD which called for 8x200 with rest in between. Tomorrow is an off day, I'll go get my bib. Saturday an easy 20 minute run. Weather for Sunday looks cool and sunny, which hopefully will make for fast times (especially for my friends running and me).


  1. You're going to do great in the marathon! I was at Javitz Center today in NYC and people were picking up packets there for the race I believe. Sorry I didn't have time to give you a shout but the whole trip was a whirlwind!

    Good luck!

  2. Your going to have a great run and a fun time! enjoy it

  3. Good luck Dan!!! I'll be thinking of you on Sunday! Go for it and it'll be great!