Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scotland Run

So today was the Scotland Run in Central Park. Previous best outside 10K 44:11, best inside 10K on the treadmill 43:06.

Got in the corral and realized I had to go number 1. Off we went, and after about 1/2 a mile I stopped and used the portopotty. Played catch up the rest of the run. Finished in 44:37 for an average pace of 7:11, good for 129th out of 658 in my age group.

Swim club went well this past week, getting my body used to the early start. I was toast by Friday night. That being said, I was able to pr Cindy with 23 full rounds Friday afternoon. So all in all, feeling good about where the training is taking me.

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  1. Glad the swim club is going well! Getting up early gets me to bed early too usually. 23 rounds!!!! i have some catching up to do!