Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Work

Switched yesterday and today's workouts.

Yesterday back squats 7 sets of 1 rep max. Warmed up and went 225lbs. Felt like my squat wasn't nearly as deep as it needed to be, so I dropped the weight to 205lb. for the next 6 sets. Not even close to my best.

Then I had 6x100yd swim with 4 min rest in between. Could only wait 2 minutes as my lane time would have expired. Went 1:47, 1:51x2, 1:52x2 and 1:55. Let me say, they felt great! Not fast I know, but I seem to be in a much better place in the pool mentally. As I was dressing afterwards, they made an announcement that the pool was being closed due to high levels of chlorine. I hope this wasn't the reason for my fast times?

Played golf this morning (shot a 79!). Nancy and I ran some errands and got to the gym tonight for 50 thrusters of 65lbs. (substituted 35lb. dumbbells). Finished in 2:26, I believe the last time I did this it was 2:54. Then hopped on the bike for 30 minute time trial at 70% effort. Still hard to dial that in. Went 6.9 miles.

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  1. With your swim times and great result at Timberman - it is time for you to seriously start thinking about an IM - you can SO do it!