Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recent Results

Things got a bit mixed up lately so here are some random results.

400yd swim (100yd times as follows; 2:17,2:26:2:32,2:36)

50 front squats with 95lbs. with 3 pushups on the minute every minute until done. Finished in 3:42.

4 mile race in Central Park Overall time 28:46 (22 seconds faster than last year, although it was really crowded in the beginning and I felt like I couldn't get going). Mile times and HR were; Mile 1 7:35 avg. HR 152, Mile 2 6:57 avg. HR 164, mile 3 7:26 avg. HR 168, mile 4 6:50 avg, HR 170.

5 Sets of 3 reps max weight front squats, 135, 155, 175, 185x2.

10 mile bike time trial, 30:42

21 sit ups, row 500, 18 sit ups, row 500m, 15 sit ups, row 500m, 12 sit ups, row 500m, 9 sit ups, row 500m, 6 sit ups, row 500m, 3 sit ups. Finished in 16:53, rowing felt good, rug burn healed and I was able to do regular sit ups.

Bike 5 minutes, rest 2 minutes 3X for distance, total distance covered 4.17 miles (on the recumbent because the lone bike was in use).

Sorry for not posting.


  1. P.s. Did I mention that I will be up a Lake Placid as well?