Wednesday, November 18, 2009

30 Minute Time Trial

Had a 30 minute time trial on the bike on Monday evening. Nancy and I had the same workout planned. It is really hard to do a time trial in Manhattan even when the weather is great. So off to the gym to work on the stationary bike. I find what works for me is to breakdown these workouts into very small increments. My first 3 minutes I covered a mile, so in my head I planned for 10 miles. Knowing Nancy covered 9.3 miles I was hopeful I'd could keep the pace. My rpm never fell below 100, and every 3 minutes I was able to doublecheck my progress. I think this workout will be tough to improve on as I think you can only go so fast on the stationary bike. Had a day off yesterday and we drove to see Max for a running lesson for Nancy. It was good to catch up and I know he helped Nancy a lot. It was also good for me to hear what he was saying as I am sure I can implement his words in my own running.

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