Sunday, November 29, 2009

A week of results in one post!

Nancy and I were away this week on vacation, but still was able to do all the workouts with only slight modifications in the days they were done.

Traveled to Savannah on Monday. Our plane was delayed (what's new) and we had dinner plans. They have recently upgraded the fitness center at our club in Savannah and it is a huge improvement.

Workout 1--Row 500m, 50 KB swings 1 pood, row 500 m, 40 KB swings, row 500m, 30 KB swings, row 500m. Substituted a 35lb dumbbell for the kettlebell. Nancy has taken to calling me Dan KettleBelmonte since I have lost about 1 Pood since January! There is only 1 Rower and Nancy and I alternated since she had the same workout. Forgot to start my watch, had to wait for Nancy, she had to wait for me, but was still done in about 11 minutes.

On Tuesday was supposed to do Overhead Squats 5 sets 3 reps each and a 30k bike. We played golf in the am and were having friends over for dinner, so I decided to push the 30k bike till Wednesday. This the first time I've done overhead squats with the barbell and boy they were hard. 1st set was 45lbs and the last 4 were at 65lbs. Form was great and I really felt it in my core and shoulders. I am hoping the weight will jump as I get more comfortable with the movement.

Wednesday, 1000m row, 45lb thruster 50 reps and 30 pull ups for time. Rower was busy so I started with the thrusters, rower still busy, so I went to the pullups. Got 8 on my own, then used varying degrees of assistance to finish the 30 reps. Then the rower was free. Finished the workout in 11:39. Got off the rower and jumped on the stationary bike for 64:03 of fun. Nancy kept checking on me, like how much more are you going to be? Definitely not used to working out for 75 minutes like I used to be.

Thursday we took off and enjoyed a really nice Thanksgiving with friends.

Friday, flew back home (surprise no delays). We had decided to do our workout before we left in case of delays. Workout was AMRAP in 20 minutes of 20 squats, 15 deadlifts, 10 shoulder presses and 5 burpees with the 45lb bar never leaving my hand. Was able to complete 5 full sets, plus 20 squats and 5 deadlifts before I hit 20 minutes.

Saturday was a 10k for time. Was running with a different friend who had done a 5 mile turkey trot in 31:30. I am trying to find people that will push me in my runs and he definitely would. We did the big loop in the park, which I have found out is 6.0273 miles. We did it in 45:17 ( a pr for me around the loop). HR was 162 vs. 170 last week. Definitely felt good, my cadence was feeling good too. Nancy did the run as well and her form was looking great when we passed her around mile 3-4.

Sunday, supposed to be an off day, but decided the gym would be quiet as compared to Monday, so off we went to do the filthy 50. Hard all the way (especially the jumping pull ups and knees to elbows). Finished in 34:34 (there is that half hour time again!). Still had a 500 yd swim TT left over from Friday and completed it in 13:13 which was done immediately after the filthy 50. I realize I am SLOW in the pool.

Taking tomorrow off and am looking forward to a good week of workouts. It makes it so much easier knowing Nancy is training too. Maybe she'll try a sprint this year?

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