Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not a lot in the tank

Today was another double. 10k run for time, 1650 yard swim for time. I am working on my technique in the pool so I planned to alter that part of the workout.

Met my friend in Central Park at 8am after working yesterday and being on my feet for over 9 hours. Last week we did the big loop (which is 6.1 miles in 46:47). We pushed it today and finished in 45:35. I was really feeling it the last 15 minutes and was glad my buddy was there to push me.

Came back home and was shot. Had a reserved lane at the pool at 12:30pm. Got 200 yds in before I realized I was doing more harm than good and came home. Feeling a bit run down, but am really looking forward to vacation this week.

I won't be able to post until next weekend, but plan on staying the course while away. Happy Thanksgiving!

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