Saturday, November 21, 2009

Run like you are being chased

Today was an off day. Yesterday's workout consisted of running 1 mile, resting 10 minutes, 4 times.

Went to the West Side Highway people path to run after work. All I am thinking about when I am running is that I am being chased and I have to keep going.

First mile finished in 6:04. A pang of disappointed went through me as I thought to how close I was to breaking 6 minutes. It quickly left as I recalibrated in my head how fast I can actually run. I don't know what to do for the 10 minutes, so I walk, sit down, walk, stretch, sit down, etc.
Next mile is 6:36 as my legs feel a little heavy. The third mile is 6:53. I only wait 8 minuutes before taking off for my last mile as I am getting a little cold outside. Finished in 7:06.

Overall, very pleased with the results. Had to work all day today on my feet and am definitely feeling it. Running the big loop in Central Park tomorrow with a friend, before swimming in the early afternoon. I am hoping to break 45 minutes (what's with me and reach goals?).

Can't wait for vacation this week.

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