Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Doing the Double

Had a double workout today. First, 35 squats, 25 pushups, 15 pullups 7 times for time. There are those words that kill me everytime I see them. For time. When I see them, the dread and anxiety of the pain to come is all I can think about. Then the procrastination starts with heading over to the gym. Once I am there, I am fine and ready to go.

Like most people I imagine, pullups are the hardest. We have a gravitron at the gym, but whenever I have pullups, I do as many as I can without help the first set (Today was 8). Used 40lbs. of assistance the rest of the way. Finished the workout in 28:30. I see everyone does these crossfit workouts in 10 minutes or so, but they seem to always take me about a half hour.

After the first part, the 2nd half was a bike. 10x 2 minutes all out with a 1 minute rest in between. After doing 245 squats, my legs were a little tired needless to say. I will do my best to keep going with the double workouts, but may have to talk to Max about a change for January. Overall, feeling really good about where I am headed with my fitness.

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