Thursday, November 19, 2009

More push ups?

So the workout of the day from Max consisted of Running a 1/4 mile, 100ft of lunges and 35 push ups 5x for time. I was hoping to get this workout in quickly or try not to have be 30 minutes long.

We don't live near a track, so I opted for the gym and the treadmill. It is amazing to me that the treadmill actually goes past 10 miles an hour. Even more amazing is that I can run faster than 10 miles an hour (got up to 11.2 today). I can't do the walking lunges in the gym so I measured my stride (3 feet long, 17 lunges with each leg equals 102 feet). Was feeling good until I got to the pushups and was wondering why they were so hard, then I remembered I did 175 last night!

Made it through the workout in 20:29. Looking forward to testing myself with the workout tomorrow.

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