Saturday, September 11, 2010

A better end than beginning

So the week finished off with the diet being back on track and the workouts being better too.

Wednesday's workout was Row 500m, 50KB swings with 45lb. dumbbell, row 500m, 40KB swings, row 500, 30KB swings, 500m row. Let me say 45lb. Dumbbells are a heavy, but I figure that's the point and I actually kind of liked them. Finished in 17:39, every set of KB was broken.

Immediately before that I did the tabata bike on the stationary bike. Work 20 seconds rest 10 seconds 32 reps. Finished 4.92 miles.

Thursday night was 5 sets of 3 reps of max weight deadlifts. Warmed up and went 235, 255, 275, 285 (had to regrip on the 3rd rep, I definitely need to buy some chalk), 275. Felt strong.

Yesterday was run 200m, rest for that time, run 400m, rest for that time, run 800m, rest for that time and back down. Total time was 13:31. Last 200m was 38 seconds. So I figure I ran 1800m in 6:25-26. Which equates to about a 5:44 pace. The treadmill was flying. Really happy that I was able to run that fast.

Today was Row 500m, 15 pushups 4x for time. I am slow in transition and finished in 9:57. Jumped on the stationary bike which is as bad as the treadmill for a 20K for time. Finished slowly in 41:54.

Overall, feeling back in the groove and thinking I only have 3 weeks to the MightyMan Half, so i am glad things feel back to normal.


  1. glad things are feeling better for you!

  2. I think you're gonna crush Mighty Man ;)

  3. Dan

    Your looking great & will finish off the tri season with a bang. Way to hammer!!!