Thursday, September 2, 2010

Labor Day has come early

Well, the work has begun again. Last night I had to modify the workout of deadlift 265lbs. 5 reps, 10 box jumps, 500m row because there is no way the row can logistically be done at my gym while doing deadlifts and box jumps.

Here is how the workout went. Deadlift 265lbs. 5 reps (Nancy standing there saying you read your plan wrong, Max wouldn't prescribe this, it's probably 1/2 your body weight). No, I read the plan right. Could barely get them as my hands were slipping (I need to buy chalk to bring with me). Went on to the 10 box jumps at 24" high (with Nancy saying you are going to kill yourself). Then did 20 burpees. During the box jumps and burpees Nancy dropped the weight to 245lbs. Did the 5 reps, then the 10 box jumps and then did 20 pushups. During that time she dropped the weight again to 225lbs. then did the box jumps and 10 pull ups (almost threw up during the pull ups, could have been because a guy near us was glowing from his BO). Finished this modified workout in a pool of sweat in 9:42.

This morning when I got up, I could barely walk and my back hurts to the touch. Not injured, but sore.

This am's WOD was 45lb. kb swing 40 reps, 40 squats, 40 sit ups 3x through. Used a 45lb. dumbbell instead and all I can say was they were hard. I am slow on squats and situps. Finished in 19:05.

Will be heading out to Amagansett this weekend and will be able to ride some of the course for the 1/2 Iron distance race I am doing on October 3rd. I plan on waiting until after Hurricane Earl comes through as I don't want to practice riding in conditions that windy.

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