Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tough Week

Going through some personal things that are taking up a lot of mental energy. Nothing to worry or anything bad, just time consuming.

I'll work backwards.

Today was Row 500m, 45lb Kettlebell(used a 45lb. dumbbell) 50reps, row 500m, 40 KB swings, row 500m, 30 KB swings, row 500m. Finished this one on the verge of getting sick in 15:42. Almost took 2 minutes off my last time from a little more than a week ago. I think I am getting stronger with the KB swings.

Yesterday was 7 sets of 1 rep max squats. Working with my extra deep squats I went 185, 205, 225x4, 185. Felt good.

Tuesday was an unscheduled day off.

Monday was supposed to be deadlift bodyweight (175lbs) 30x then 100m row. Logistics at the gym led me to do deadlift bodyweight 50x instead. Finished in 6:05. Then went to the pool and did 500m in 11:24, plus 3 100m in between 2:03 and 2:12. On the way home my left hamstring felt warm and tingly for some reason. It is back to normal today.

Sunday, I was up at 4am to volunteer for a 1 mile swim (I should have swam instead). Came home shot and went to the gym for Row 500m, 45lb dumbbell thrusters 21 reps 3x time for time. I must have been too tired (or a dumbbell myself) because I did row 500m, 21 KB swings with a 45lb. dumbbell 3x for time. Finished my own mistaken modified workout in 9:50.

Diet has been on track, felt a little guilty for missing Tuesday's WOD, but have decided to not worry about it.


  1. One missed workout is not going to make or break you - just don't miss too many! :)

    I missed yesterday, but will double (possibly triple) up today.

  2. Agree with Martin — you'll be fine with ONE missed workout. But that's it!! :)