Friday, January 15, 2010

All is well

So yesterday I had a 5K for time. Did this on the treadmill as it would take a while to get to the Westside Highway, run, then stagger home. I warmed up for a few minutes and got started.

First minute was at 8.5mph, 2nd minute was 8.6, 3rd minute was 8.7, 4th minute 8.8, 5th minute 8.9, 6th minute at 9.0mph. Held it at 9.0 until 2.1 miles, then started bumping up the speed about every tenth of a mile or so. Was at 10.2mph when I hit the 5K mark at 20:27. This is a PR for me so I am really pleased with the result.

The only detractor is that it was done on the treadmill. I often wonder if I was outside, could I push it this hard. The treadmill forces us to run at the programmed speed.

Nancy and I are going away tomorrow through Wednesday next week. I won't be updating until then, but I will get all of my workouts in and some extra swimming.


  1. Great run Dan. I actually find it harder to run on the treadmill - I think this is an awesome result.

  2. I agree w/Martin, I find it harder on the treadmill and think you could have gone even faster outside