Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally, a quick one

So yesterday's workout consisted of deadlifting 1/2 my body weight 30x and a 1000m row for time. The rower is a level below the free weight area and I couldn't figure out how to get it to read in meters before I started, so I figured I would just row all out for 4 minutes.

Set up the deadlifts for 95lbs. and went to work. Realized I forgot to start my watch, so at 15 reps, I put the weight down and started it. With the 4 minute row, I was done in 6 minutes even. I figure I should add about 30-45 seconds as the first 15 were unbroken and smooth. I feel like I would have finished the row in anywhere from 3:40-4:00 as my splits for 500m are usually around 1:45-1:55.

Today is an off day, for which I am thankful. A lot of tapering to come for my race on the 24th. I wanted to tell everyone how much fun I am having reading the Trimax blogs.

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