Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Daze

So yesterday's workout was of course a double. The first part was 10,20,30 rep rounds of box jumps, squats, pushups and burpees. I thought I wasn't too sore from the previous day's squats until I tried my first box jump and realized my legs felt fully leaded. Then as I am doing my squats, I looked in the mirror and realized I looked like the Fonz from Happy Days when he did that crazy dancing. Made myself laugh and finished in 13:21.

Second part of the workout was a 20K bike TT. at 80% effort. This was hard to regulate after going all out on previous workouts. Finished this part in 49:31. This workout was done on the recumbent bike at the gym for my apartment complex. Not even close to being optimal.

I realize that after swimming, biking is a big weakness of mine. Not so much the strength needed, but the actual ability (or lack thereof). Living in NYC it is a pain to ride outside (although doable in nice weather). Living in an apartment with animals that like to chew anything, makes it a process to take my bike out of the closet, set up my trainer, set up the bike, lock the cats away and ride. This is why I usually end up doing the stationary bike at the gym. Also, my computer broke during my last race and I have not had it fixed yet. I realize as I am writing this that these all sound like excuses and not valid reasons. After my race on the 24th, I will use the trainer for all bike workouts (that I don't go outside for).

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