Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back on the horse, at least that's how I am walking

So I can't believe how sore I am from 11:07 of Rowing/Thruster madness yesterday. Had to switch up the plan due to a 4 mile race on the schedule for Sunday.

Substituted 7 sets 1 rep squats and a bike 5 minute TT 4x with 2 minutes rest in between. Nancy came to the gym with me because she had a tabata that I was going to time for her when I was done with squats.

Figured I warm up with 135lbs. Well, something happened and my back felt a jolt during my warm up set. I am thinking "Are you kidding me, during my warm up!!" I figured it would loosen up and I continued. The results are as follows 205, 225, 245x4, 205. I have never had more than 205 on the bar before. The first set of 245 I know wasn't as deep as I should go. They actually got progressively better as I went along. I think getting used to the weight helped.

Then we timed Nancy's tabata (she killed it, or did it kill her?). I came back to the gym for my apartment building for the bike TT. I realized that my computer is on my front tire, so riding my bike on the trainer will have to wait. The results are as follows, 1.75 miles, 1.73, 1.67 then 1.87. I attribute the last set to LL Cool J who was on my ipod.

As of writing this, my back is extremely tight, I am hoping an anti inflammatory will settle it down.

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  1. you rock! crazy squat man you are!! awesome job! and here's a shout out to Nancy!