Saturday, February 27, 2010

I back to being slooooooow

To get everyone caught up over the past few days my schedule has been all over the place.

These days I feel like I'm thrilled with my progress one day, then take a step back on another day.

Thursday's workout was Fran (21/15/9 reps of 95lb. thrusters and pullups for time). I substituted 50lb dumbbells and used no assistance on the pullups. This was the very first workout I did under my regimen that began in October of 2009. Back then I used 1-60lb. dumbbell, did 5 unassisted pullups then used 55lbs of assistance on the Gravitron. Back then I finished in 9:24. Thursday I finished in 9:43. To me a huge improvement. Had to cut short the bike, rode for 20minutes all out, forgot to note distance.

Friday's workout was 5 Burpees/10 pushups/500m AMRAP in 20 minutes. Finished 6 full sets. Finished the burpees and pushups for round 7 and got 160m in the row before time was done. Then I went immediately to the bike for the WOD which was bike one mile, rest that same time, bike 2 miles, rest that that same time, all the way up to 5 miles and back down. So that equates to a total of 25 miles on the bike. After reading some other blogs, I decided I would rest one minute after each. Got to 15.1 mile in one hour before I was asked to get off the bike by another member. I probably would have been there another 40 minutes or so. So as I am riding the bike I am thinking, boy, good thing I don't have too many long workouts (this one even cut short was 80 minutes). As I was saying this I was forgetting about my 13.1 mile TT today. With the terrible weather, I decided to run it here in Manhattan. I was going to do it in Central Park, then I remembered that a man was killed by a falling branch, so I switched it to the West Side Highway. I think I figured out a course and off we went (Nancy had a 10k on her schedule). I was really sore from the week's workouts, but that is no excuse. Finished in 1:54:11. A full 14 minutes slower than my run from 1/24/10. I am not as depressed as I thought I'd be. Looking back, I am trying to figure what went wrong and will try and let everyone know.


  1. I have learned that nothing really 'goes wrong' - your body just reacts differently on any given day. I would think when you do look back on your run time you probably did not do nearly as much other stuff in the week leading up to that run.

  2. Dan I agree with Erica, everyday is different and our minds & bodies do not remain the same, at my yoga class they constantly remind us to just accept where we are today & not focus on what we could / did do before.

    You have had some long, tough sessions leading up to this run so this was were your body was today & you were on your own, not in a race, I think you should be very happy with yourself!

  3. Dan

    If you look at the placement of all the WOD's you do during the week & then you end the week with a 13.1 TT there is no wonder why you would be running on tired legs. Look at what you did alone between Thursday & the day you did the TT. Pat your on the back, still a great effort no matter what the time was.

  4. Dan, once I have this Lance Armstrong workout from Nike+ and one of my favorites phases are:

    "...You should be feeling pretty good now, but if you’re not, not worries, every training day is different, the important thing is stick with it"

    STICK WITH IT and like another excelent coach told us "Make the right nutrition choices one meal at a time, make the right training decisions one WOD at a time and make the right recovery decisions one day at a time"