Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Delayed onset muscle soreness

So I realized yesterday and even more so today how much the squat/run workout from Sunday killed my legs. My legs are killing me.

Thanks to everyone's comments my mindset is good.

Last night's workout was 500m row/50kb swings (used 20lb dumbbell) 500m row/40 swings 500m row/30 swings/500m row. Finished in 12:09 which was 34 seconds faster than on January 6th when I did this workout previously. I was pleased with the workout and the way my back held up. It is officially 100%. After this workout I went with Nancy to our other gym so she could do squats (5 sets 7 reps). I am giving her props because she killed them. Her previous max weight was 80lbs. and she got 4 sets at 65lbs and one at 70lbs. I was really proud of her effort.

Tonight's workout was a double and my legs were still really sore before starting. I chose to run outside and try to get it in before the storm comes. I did not do the 10k, it is 6 miles even from my apartment to Chambers Street and back. I lost 45 seconds waiting for lights to change, but am not going to subtract it from my time as the recovery probably helped. Finished in 46:58. As I was running a lot of the blogs from Team Trimax were floating through my head. I was remembering reading Kathy's "Tri Mom" blog about the time she was running like Frankenstein (the way I felt) and made me smile. I was thinking of Erica's comment on effort, Ariel's never say die attitude and Jane, Mike and David's speed. When I started getting down on myself, I thought of Martin's comment saying to get over myself, which I did. I thought of how encouraging Christina is to all of us. It helped me finish in a great frame of mind even though I didn't run my fastest. I know I ran my best.

The 2nd workout was an AMRAP of 4 burpees/8 pushups/12 situps. I waited my usual 3 minutes after the 6 miles to start. Got 13 full sets in before time and my energy expired.

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