Friday, February 12, 2010

Catch Up

Here is the results from the past few sessions.

Wednesday night was supposed to be a 40k bike TT. I substituted a Spinervals TT DVD instead. Was back on the bike, realized what a pain it is to set up the trainer, get my bike out of the closet, etc.. Felt like a wet noodle when I was done. Had no idea how far I went, but know I worked really hard.

Last night was the 25lb. kb swings (subbed a 25 lb. dumbbell) 21 reps and 21 knees to elbows 4x for time. Okay, so the swings are no problem. The first set of knees to elbows was pretty good, then by the 4th set it was all I could do to lift my knees to my waist. Finished in 10:48.

Second part was done immediately after. It was going to be stand up one minute off one minute, 2 minutes up, 2 down. Up to 5 and back down. Total time up was 25 minutes. Nancy asked me to go with her to our other gym. She had deadlifts, so I used the stationary bike and said I would stand as long as possible. First set was 15 minutes up, took a 1 minute break, then finished with 10 minutes up. Last 5 was super tough.

Looking at my schedule and longing for a day off. Not so much physically as mentally. I may double Sunday and Monday's wod's inorder to take Sunday off.

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