Saturday, February 6, 2010

Discouraged a bit, then encouraged a lot

So last night's workout was run 400m/50squats/10burpees 4 x for time. The back is feeling a lot better, still hurts when I twist it, but wasn't planning on doing any twisting during this workout. Decided to wear my new Nike Free 3.0 for this wod. I plan to try and build up to longer distances in these.

Before I went over to the gym I checked Christina's notes and thought to myself, okay she did the wod in 12:55, so if I can come close to that, I'll be psyched. Ran the 400's at 9.5 on the treadmill, squats were tough, burpees are always hard. When I finished I looked at my watch and saw my time of 15:22. I was a little discouraged as I thought I put forth good effort. I came back to comment on what a great job she did and realized I had read her blog wrong and that we had done exactly the same time!! All of sudden, a time I wasn't so happy with, became good. Funny how perspective works.

Worked on my swim for 35 minutes in the pool today. Feeling better about my new mechanics. Nancy, me and our friend Gerrit are running in a 4 mile race tomorrow in Central Park with the NYRR. The weather people are saying it's going to be 15 degrees when we start. What are we thinking? I am praying I can run really fast so I can get home and warm as fast as possible!

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