Monday, February 8, 2010

I believe I've lost my Mojo

Yesterday's workout consisted of a 4 mile race in Central Park followed by back squats at 70% (175 lbs.) 21 reps/burpees, 15 reps/burpees, then 9 reps/burpees. (I substituted the burpees for the row as the rowing machine is 2 flights down and I would lose the squat rack).

We got to the park and it was COLD!! (17 degrees at the start). To make matters worse I had to use the bathroom (#1). I wasn't going to be able to make back to my corral in time so I figured I'd just hold it. Off we went, the first mile I clocked at 7:25 on my watch and I am thinking I better pick up the pace, 2nd mile was 7:16, so much for picking up the pace! My friend passed me around mile 2.5. He was looking great, so I thought to myself, "Okay, try to keep up with him." It didn't happen and he blew by me. I don't know what it was, I just couldn't get it into gear. My final time was 29:08 (7:17 pace). It was still good enough to place 113 out of 472 in my age group (I was hoping to be sub 28 minutes)

I came home showered and began moping. Nancy asked me if I was one of the 7 dwarfs (Mopey). I finally got over myself and we went to the gym for the 2nd wod. This was the first time I tested my back since Tuesday and it held up fine with the squats. I finished this workout in 18:26. I am really sore today from the squats, but the back feels good so I am glad it was nothing more than a strain.

I sat around and wondered things must be pretty good if I am complaining about running 4 miles at a 7:17 pace. I think we all do this as we are constantly trying to better ourselves. This trait enables us to keep pushing when we don't want to or when we aren't feeling our best. I believe the reason I wasn't excited about my result is that I don't want to settle. I realize that I can't pr every workout and that somedays I will just not have it. Those are the days when I have to really focus on the end goal and give my best effort. In the end, only I am going to know if I did everything I could have done to achieve my goal.


  1. I think you answered your own question. I just hope you enjoyed a beer at least on Superbowl Sunday. We are all hard on ourselves, just in our nature and the way our training is tailored, it is hard not to be. My new favorite word is EFFORT - when I feel myself slowing down on the rower or treadmill or bike, that word comes right in front of my brain - I don't want to be in a 'what if' situation after each task, so if my Effort is there, then that was the best I could do that day.
    I will gladly take your 7:17/mile - that is fantastic.

  2. I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who beats myself up. I would be ecstatic if I could keep up with you on a run. I'm sure trying to breath that cold air didn't help. Now, GET OVER YOURSELF!

    Just kidding :)

  3. Dan

    Great job on your 4 miler! A star age grouper once told me " you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable". That is what each & every one of us are going through now. You hit it right on the head when you said you are not going to PR every workout. It starts with pulling your best effort forward & not be afraid to fail. Being uncomfortable will make you better.


  4. Dan,

    take it easy, 2 wod's inc a sub 30mins for 4miles, it's great. 7.17 p mile, i'd bite your arm off to post that kind of time. well done.