Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another tough one

Last night's WOD was run a 5K, 250 squats, run another 5K. Was outside playing golf with a client all day. Had a great time, but it was hot. Nancy and I went to the West Side Highway path together (she had a 5K for time). I knew the distance for a 10K, but not the breakdown to a 5K.

Here are the results, ran 3.92 miles in 30:34 (7:48s, avg.HR 156). Felt like I couldn't get my heart rate up.

Stopped at 14th Street to do the squats. These killed finished the 250 in 11:13. Then attempted to run the rest of the 10K. Actually turned out to be 2.28 miles. Finished in 18:25 (8:04s avg.HR 157).

At least I know if Timberman will be hot, I'll have trained plenty in the heat!


  1. trying to picture you doing squats on 14th street :)

    where was the video camera!!?