Saturday, July 17, 2010

Results not indicative of effort

Thursday night I worked late, came home and did the 300 squats for time. With tree trunk legs, finished in 11:14. Best previous time was 8:53. Pushed as hard as I could, legs were just not working like I wanted them to be.

Last night did the 20K bike for time. Finished in 40:49, again tired leg syndrome hit at mile 4 on the bike. Not sure of my previous best, but it has to be better.

Today was a 4 mile race in Central Park with the NYRR. Finished in 29:28, good for 88th out of 325 in my age group and an average pace of 7:22. My fastest pace in a race has been 7:07s for a 10K. First mile was 7:30, avg. HR was 165. 2nd mile was 7:12 avg. HR 173. Missed the 3rd mile marker, but you can see I was pretty consistent, 14:46 last 2 miles with an avg. HR of 175. 84 degrees and steamy at the start.

Legs aren't really sore, just fatigued and I only really feel them when I am trying to exercise. At least tomorrow is a break for the legs. I am getting really excited for Team Trimax with Lake Placid just over a week away.

Just found out the other day that I got into the ING NYC Marathon this year! It'll be my first marathon ever and I am really thankful to my friend Natalie who made it happen. I am really, really excited about it.


  1. Congrats on getting into NYC Marathon! I haven't been lucky enough yet :)

  2. whoo hoo on the nyc marathon! when I lived on 82nd and 1st it used to run right pasted my place. I want to run it someday. so excited for you!