Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deadlifts, burpees and swimming

Yesterday was a double workout done back to back at the Bally's where I swim.

WOD #1-Deadlift your body weight 50 times, with 2 burpees on the minute until all deadlifts are done. This was a workout I was really dreading as the 100 body weight deadlifts for time was one of the hardest WODs I've ever done. Luckily for me I weigh a little less than I did then, so I was able to do 175lbs. Finished this workout in 7:36. Thrilled with the time. Full body sweat by minute 2, sore all over today.

WOD #2-Swim 1650yds for time. Had a lane for a half hour, which I knew would not be enough, so I started in the shared lane right after the deadlifts. Had to ask to go ahead of a few people who were resting. Got into my own lane and finished in 41:41. Not so thrilled with the time. One of these days maybe it'll click.

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  1. Aren't you the guy who could barely swim 3 laps about a year and a half ago. Boy, are you a glass is half empty type of person or what? I used to think I was hard on myself - geez!