Friday, July 30, 2010

Almost there

Well, I've almost made it thru the whole month without a day off. I will get the WODs done tomorrow morning before work. Then there is 3 weeks until Timberman from Sunday. Bought some new sneakers today. Tried a bunch on and settled on the Saucony Kinvaras. Felt really comfortable on the treadmill, looking forward to testing them out soon.

Thought I had recovered okay from the 10K and 250 squats from Tuesday night. That is until Wednesday night when I attempted the dreaded tabata run again. Conversation with Max went like this. Me "Am I an idiot for asking for this workout?" Max "ya think". It is so incredibly hard. Hard to imagine more dread about a workout. Finished wheezing, not able to catch my breath, then went on the stationary bike for my next workout while barely being able to breathe. 5 sets of biking 3 miles with a rest of 1 minute in between. Finished in 59:34. I know the slow time is directly correlated to the tabata, so I am not upset about it.

Last night was back squats, read my plan wrong and did 5 sets of 3 reps instead of the rx'd 7 sets. Went 185lbs., 205lbs., 225lbs.x3. Hopped in the pool for an 800 yard time trial immediately after. I think I did an extra 50, but since I am not sure my time is 20:23. I was so inspired by everyone, but I just can't imagine myself doing the swim at an Ironman at this point in my career.

This morning's WOD was run 400m, 100 squats, run 800m, 75 squats, run 1200m, 50 squats, run 1600m, 25 squats. Finished in 26:33. I am slow on the squats.


  1. Thanks for all your support through IMLP! So looking forward to seeing you perform at Timberman! You are going to do great! Keep up the work - before you know it you'll be in taper mode wondering if there's something else you should be doing : )

  2. let me know how you like those sneakers. I tried them on recently and really liked them. They were my second choice as I ended up getting the mizuno waveriders but I am not really in love with them.