Sunday, July 11, 2010

How am I supposed to do a half marathon when I can barely walk?

So basically I can hardly walk and I look on my schedule tomorrow and it says 13.1 Mile Time Trial. I think this is what I meant about the beat down.

Friday night I did a tabata run. I can't believe I actually asked Max to try this WOD. You set the treadmill at 12% incline and set the speed for 30 seconds slower than your fastest 5K time, which for me worked out to 8.4mph. So here I am thinking how bad can it be? Run 8 times for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between sets. Boy, it annihilated me. Nancy had to come to the gym to time it for me, because I wouldn't look down for fear of falling off. After the 2nd one, I thought it would be hard, but that I'd get through it. Then after the 4th set I was hanging on for dear life praying it would end. When it was over I had to lay down. Mind you, my hamstrings were sore to the touch from the deadlifts earlier in the week when all this started.

Due to weather and technical difficulties switched yesterday's workout with today's workout.

Yesterday was 150 wall ball shots (substituted 150 barbell thrusters with the 45lb. barbell). Finished in 10:46. Feels like I've been sweating for a week. Worked on some drills in the pool after as I was having trouble catching my breath while actually swimming after this workout. I am hopeful that one day I will be able to swim without thinking.

Today with really sore legs, went and did a 45 minute bike time trial. Finished 13.8 miles in Central Park for an average speed of 18.4mph, which considering how my legs felt, I was surprised it was this fast. Then came back home and did the AMRAP of 5 pushups, 10 sit ups and 15 squats. Finished 22 full rounds. I am literally hobbling around the apartment like I am 80.

This brings me back to my original question, how am I going to run this 13.1 miles tomorrow. Completion is the goal. Effort will be my metric as speed probably won't be a good indicator.


  1. You rock! I'm sure that run at 12% was brutal on the legs in addition to the wall balls, 45min TT and AMRAP...if you weren't sore, I'd be worried! :) Keep on truckin' strongman!

  2. Yeah!!! I just lost 3 lbs. reading your blog! Wholly crap you gotta be spent??!! I'm exhausted from just reading about it! Keep it up Bro!

  3. WOW! What a hard, intense couple of days. It is just a run, something you do best - forget about the distance and just enjoy being outside. It will be another hot one, so stay hydrated.

    And if this makes you feel any better, it is extremely hard to turn your brain off while in the water - I am constantly telling myself to stop thinking, it is almost funny.

  4. that tabata running is such a killer wod. I was laughing because around 2 your like hhhhmmm this is hard but 4 I can't wait to be done either! good luck with 13!!!!