Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boy it's hot, even in the gym!

This morning I went over to our gym and they said the AC was broken and they didn't know when it was going to be fixed. I came home for about 45 minutes and decided to give it another try. AC still down, decided it was better than outside, so off I went.

First WOD was 4 rounds of 10 pullups (unassisted), 10 wall ball shots (substituted thrusters 20lb. dumbbell in each hand), 10 pushups for time. Finished in 4:43.

Hopped on the treadmill for the 2nd WOD, a 5K run for time. Finished in 23:21 which is slower than my best, but considering everything (I stopped 3x to get some water, yes, I added this to my overall time) I am okay with the time. Felt like I had nothing left at the end. Glad I am indoors the rest of the day, although I'd rather have heat than cold.


  1. it's going to b hot all week 2!

  2. I'd rather have the cold myself — hate this weather!

  3. I also like the cold better, its impossible for me to run outside now!