Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Double Split

So today was the first time I actually split the 2 WODs. First one this morning was 250 situps for time. Did them all on the incline bench. Finished in 8:39, with a huge rear irritation. Who would have ever thought I'd rather do knees to elbows!

Had my second and last day of jury duty today then had to do a 20 minute run (10minutes out, 10 minutes back). First 10 minutes got in 1.5 miles, 2nd 10 minutes ran 1.38 miles. Overall was 2.88 miles for a 6:56 pace. Only had to wait 10 seconds for lights to change, I kept the time because it was nice to have the recovery.


  1. Nice job on both! And I agree - rear irritation for sure on those sit-ups.