Thursday, April 8, 2010

I can barely lift my arms

So after yesterday's blazing 800yds (19:14) ;-) I had a double on tap for today. Up early and over to the stationary bike for the tabata bike. 1 minute on/30seconds off for 30 minutes. 8.92 miles covered.

Had a good day at work and Nancy and I met my friend Gerrit at the gym for a thruster/dip combo. Had to do 21 reps thrusters/dips, 15 reps thrusters/dips then 9 reps thrusters/dips. Weight used was 95lbs. on the thrusters, no assistance on the dips. Got 10 continuous reps the first set, then all the sets were broken. Every dip set was broken too. Finished in 11:18 and almost threw up. Felt better after the walk home. Now, almost three hours later I can barely lift my arms. Not looking forward to the 100 pull ups for time tomorrow. But, I will say I am glad to be splitting up the doubles. I am sure my tabata bike would have been really poor if I did it immediately after my workout tonight.


  1. i hear ya on the arms..still having trouble after 2 days. ugh. hope yours feels better soon! great job on the workout!

  2. I think we will all be saying 'ouch - where are my arms' by Sunday given we seem to all have the 100 pullups scheduled for today.