Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting the work in

Monday's workout was 7 box jumps, 7 pull ups, 7 sit ups for time. Finished in 7:01. Pull ups were the limiting factor.

Yesterday was 30KB Swings (used a 35lb. dumbbell), 25 dumbbell thrusters using 20lbs. in each hand, 20 pull ups 3X for time. Again pull ups were the limiting factor. Finished in 15:06. Jumped on the bike and went 10.69 miles in 35 minutes.

Tonight did 4.59 miles in the park with my friend Gerrit. We finished in 34:32 for an average of 7:32/minute. Much harder to run fast while talking. It was an easy run for him, not so much for me. Finished with an average hear rate of 167.

1 comment:

  1. i always find pullups to be a limiting factor too. When am I a going to get good at them? Nice work.