Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AMRAP and a slower 6 mile run

Yesterday's 2 WOD's were 4 burbees, 8 pushups, 12 sit ups AMRAP in 20 minutes then a 10K for time.

Did the first workout in the am. Chest and legs were really tight from the day before. Completed 15 full rounds in the 20 minutes.

Legs seemed to get a lot more sore as the day progressed, so my legs were feeling really heavy as I started the same 6 mile run I did on Saturday. Finished in 47:24 for a 7:54 pace. Got trapped at 2 lights and lost 85 seconds, but was a minute slower on the first 3 miles anyway. Have a pain on the top of my left foot whenever I lift my toes. Not sure what this is about as it just started out of the blue about a week ago.

500yd TT, but will do the deadlifts tonight too as it will save me a trip to the gym tomorrow.

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