Saturday, May 8, 2010

Swim lesson

Switched some things around to accommodate an hour and a half swim lesson today.

Yesterday's WOD was 21 situps, run 200m, 18 situps, run 200m, 15 sit ups, 200m run all the way down to 3 situps. Had a little transition issue, but finished in 9:10.

Foot is fine, Max says I am just a baby.


  1. Now, Max would not say such a thing, or WOULD he? He told me I might be a girl because I told him I like chocolate. Glad your foot is fine - better to be safe than sorry and miss bunches of workout time due to not taking care of yourself. Now stop being a baby and kill some of those workouts!!!

  2. I actually edited Max's original statement which isn't fit to print!

  3. Dan

    Max calling you a baby. Your the Hammer as well as Tri-Max brother Martin. I think you should show up @ Max's doorstep & do 1,000 single arm push ups & say who is the baby now!!!!

  4. my feet hurt and i like chocolate and im a girl... what would max say about me! just kidding! nice work.

  5. okay, this whole thread made me laugh out loud! :)