Monday, May 10, 2010

Deadlifts/Row then Fran this morning

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day yesterday. Since I switched up the workouts, yesterday was Deadlift 1/2 bodyweight 30x followed by a 1000m row. Used 45lb. dumbbells as a substitute for the 90lb. barbell. Finished this workout in 5:03. Lungs were on fire, heard my breathing over my Ipod. Jumped on the stationary bike for a 20K Time Trial. Lungs were burning for the first 8-10 minutes then calmed down a bit. Finished this workout in 38:31. I noticed something funny on the bike, it said "Stop exercising if you feel shortness of breath, pain or light headed" I could only think to myself "We'd never get anything done if we followed this advice".

Okay, so this morning I met up with Fran (substituted 50lb. dumbbell thrusters for 95lb. barbell thrusters). A little background, Fran consists of 21 reps thrusters followed by 21 pull ups (did these today unassisted), 15 thrusters, 15 pullups, 9 thrusters, 9 pullups for time.

10/7/09 Used one 60lb. dumbbell for all thrusters, 5 unassisted pullups, then 55lbs. of assistance.

2/24/10 50lb. dumbbells in each hand all unassisted pullups. Finished in 9:43

4/13/2010 Same weight used as above, diet completely out of whack, finished in 12:32.
5/10/10 Same weight used, diet's been really good lately. Finished in 7:21.

I amazed at how well the Paleo Diet is working. It probably has been 3-4 weeks since I made the correction and I feel like it is really starting to kick in.


  1. You are setting the bar pretty high. I need to psyche myself up for Fran tonight.

  2. P.s. I just signed up for rev3 this morning - meant to sign up by 5/1 to get the discount, but have to pay more for the right to torture myself for a half a day. Are you staying in the area or driving up in the morning?

  3. Hammer Brothers Dan & Martin

    Ready to endure the REV 3. I love it!!!

    Seriously, if you need a place prior to the race you can camp out at our townhouse which is right around the corner from Quassy. Although I will be racing the Ridgefield tri that weekend & Eagleman the following week, my wife, son & I would be more than happy to accomodate.

  4. Hey Guys,

    David, thanks for the offer, nancy and I already booked our hotel at the Crowne Plaza (I think). Martin, if you want to crash with us, you are more than welcome. I hope we can get together Saturday before the race.

  5. Wow! these are both great offers. Dan, I would love to crash with you since you are racing the next day as well. I think bike check-in is at 3:00 p.m. We can plan to meet sometime around then? I'm pretty sure I still have your phone numbers - I will program them into my cell. You need to let me help pay for the room or let me take you and Nancy to dinner or something - otherwise I will feel like a mooch. How well do you eat after a race? Generally, I am not hungry for an hour or two after and then suddenly get unbelievably hungry.

  6. I will love to go too... Just kidding I will be on a plane that day to my race, but maybe for Timberman if there is anything available.

    Keep the good vibe guys!

  7. "Stop exercising if you feel shortness of breath, pain or light headed" I could only think to myself "We'd never get anything done if we followed this advice".

    how true! the dumbbells actually make your workouts a little harder because you have to stabilize them more than the barbell. nice work.