Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First time I used a real kettlebell

I have only ever used dumbbells since my gym doesn't have any. Was lucky enough to be able to do the kettlebells right near the rower. I used Nancy's 25lb. kettlebell that I brought with me. Using kettlebells is definitely harder as I can now swing them all the way over head.

The workout was row 500m/50kb swings/row 500m/40kb swings/row 500m/30kb swings/500m row. Finished in 13:26, shoulders definitely feeling it.

Tonight was a 800yd swim. Finished in 17:28 vs. 19:14 on April 7th. This time actually included 3 quick stops because my goggles were filling up with water. I am happy with the improvement. I just have one favor from everyone doing Rev3, say hi as you go past me in the water. Maybe Christina can pull me for a while?

Was feeling a little beat this afternoon, but just sore from the workouts. Came home and put my wedding band on and it almost fell off. Got on the scale and realized I've lost about 5 pounds. I have no idea why. The diet has been good, the results have been there, so I am thinking it's nerves about the races.


  1. I will swim w/you at Rev if you can bike and run w/me - ha. No worries on the swim, you will make up whatever time you are looking to gain on the bike and especially the run. But your swim improvement is awesome.
    5lbs, start eating - just got a great cookbook - checkout - the book is there as are lots of recipes - my favorite is the gluten free granola - super easy and yummy.

  2. nice with the kettlebell & swim. are you drinking enough water?

  3. You are becoming a swimmer - getting fast Dan! Great job on both workouts!

  4. Dan, as much as I am competetive and would love to beat you at Rev3 I expect to see you pass me in the run. Great improvement on the swim - that should make you happy.

    If you are not losing power I would not be overly concerned with the weight loss (unless it is too rapid). It will certainly help you go up the hills.

  5. Nice job Dan. I'm starting to drop bodyfat as well. I have no idea how much I weigh, but I've gone in one notch on my belts in the last week. And just in time for summer... :-)

  6. Thanks Guys,

    I think i am doing everything the same. I am going to eat a bit more carbs on Max's suggestion. I am actually not too concerned about it since the performance has been good. Christina, I think I need about 5 more years to become a "swimmer" I make it through the swim now. Going to swim again tonight to see where I am at.

  7. Dan I wish I can swim with you and the team on Rev3, maybe next year!