Sunday, June 27, 2010

40K Bike

Yesterday's WOD was a 40K bike in Central Park. Did 4 loops for a total of 24.08 miles. Finished in 1:14:56, avg. speed of 19.28mph. Previous best was 1:17:26.

Was feeling good throughout. Nancy did the Fairfield Half Marathon today in the humidity. She finished in 1:54:37, which is not even 3 minutes more than her pr from March. The course was really hilly, so I think it was a great job by her. Based on the preliminary results it looks like she was in the top 17% of her age group. This should give her the confidence as she and her brother Jon tackle the Hartford Marathon in October!


  1. Wow! Great job on the TT Dan! Nice improvement :)

    Congrats to Nancy too!

  2. You're both doing awesome. Looks like your bike is really coming along. I still want to get a group ride in - looks like it will be after LP at this point.

  3. Im surprised you ride in CP. When I lived there I would only run there because anytime I had wheels I almost killed people because they come right out in front of you. Especially when I used to rollerblade that was really interesting. Nice time. Also nancy killed that HM! I am thinking about doing the NYC bike tour next year. did you ever do that? Looks like fun.

  4. Hi MaryStella,
    I was in the park at 6am. It was still crowded as I was leaving at 7:15ish. I was almost thinking I need to get there at first light. I've never done the NYC bike tour, people have told me it is kinda fun.