Friday, June 25, 2010

Row Circuit

So this am I did the row 500m/run 400m 5 times for time circuit.

I really like this circuit for some reason. Had to use 3 different treadmills due to people taking over the one I was using while I was rowing.

Finished in 19:04 which beat my best time by 7 seconds. Felt good to workout in the am, although I was sweating for an hour after I was done and that included taking a shower.


  1. that doesn't sound like a workout I would like. sounds like you killed it though.

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  3. oops! I just posted something to Martin in your blog! Losing my mind :0

    Good job on the run/row circuit! This one is killer. I keep a mean eye on the tready I'm using so no one goes near it ;)