Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feeling kinda Funny

Continuing the taper this week. Wondering if I am sore/tight/sluggish, but continuing to follow the plan.

Helen was yesterday at 70%. Finished in 11:38. Hard to know what 70% is after becoming so familiar with 100%. Just went through the motions and tried not to rush.

Today was 8x200 at 75%. Did them on the treadmill because there was a softball game going on in the park. Did all 8 sets at 7.5mph and thought back to my first time on the treadmill where I tore my heart out for 30 minutes and clocked 2.5 miles.

I am excited and curious to see what Sunday will bring. Tomorrow is another off day, followed by 20 minutes light workouts in each discipline on Saturday.

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