Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Tonight's WOD was Squat 21 reps/500m row/squat 15 reps/500m row/squat 9 reps/500m row for time. The problem I have is if I go to Bally's where the squat rack is I can't do the rowing (2 levels down and I'd lose the squat rack). I've done burpees there instead. At the gym for my apartment building they have dumbbells, but no squat rack and I can row. I opted for this option since last time I did the burpees instead of rowing.

I used 50lb. dumbbells in each hand and brought them to my shoulders. Finished in 9:58. Really felt this workout, maybe due to the deadlifts. Going out to Amagansett tomorrow to spend a few days with friends, but just received my plan for July, so I know what I'll be doing. I am actually looking forward to what promises to be a beat down by Max this month. I am talking tough now, while I can.


  1. I had the same issue w/the setup of my gym. I just grabbed the dumbbells and brought them to the cardio room where the ERGs are. Here's to improvising...