Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rev3 Results

First I will say I am pleased with my overall results. Second, I will say I am not satisfied with them. Over all I feel like I am recovering well already.

Here are the results 6:30:22.
Swim 52:42
Bike 3:26:21 (16.28mph)
Run 2:05:37 (9:35 mile pace)
T1 3:32
T2 2:10

Finished 79th in my age group out of 104 that started and 100 that finished.
Swim was in 102nd place in my age group (no real surprise there)
Started the bike in 102nd place and finished in 88th place.
Started the run in 86th place and finished in my final 79th place.

The total time is 36 minutes faster than last year with only taking 2 minutes off the swim, this is what I am pleased about. I feel like the training has given me the tools to be faster, I just need to know how to use the tools. I know I can be a much much better bike handler (I don't need to reiterate the slow swim). I think as I race more and more, I will be more comfortable in these situations and have a greater depth of experience from which to draw from.

It was great to meet a lot of you that I haven't before yesterday and today. Was glad I had friends like you doing the race too. Back to work tomorrow to get ready for Timberman.


  1. Dan, this is awesome!! Amazing that in such a short amount of time (since the race last year) you took so much time off - congrats!

  2. congrats again on your great race!! very proud of how well you did on everything and you have such a positive attitude too! Enjoy your day - great seeing you!

  3. Wow, that is an amazing result! Given that it was very hot, I think you should actually be satisfied. I'm sure you would have shaved off another half-an-hour or so in more moderate temperatures. Great job man!

  4. Amazing result. I understand you because I was and I'm always expecting a lot, and sometimes we forget we've being doing this for a short period of time. Enjoy yourself! You deserve all the credits for the hard work!

  5. Well done Dan, glad you are pleased with your results and not being satisfied just adds to the motivation to continue training and improving!

  6. Awesome, awesome job Dan! A 36 minute PR on that course is just fantastic! Yup. "Good enough never is" — that's what keeps us coming back for more! Stay focused. You'll be amazing at Timberman! Really nice to meet you :)

  7. Sorry so late on this but really nice race!