Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Almost all the way back

The recovery workouts have definitely helped alleviate the soreness. Muscle wise, I was not any more sore than I would have been from a really difficult WOD.

The only weird soreness was in my hips. If I sat at my desk for too long and got up, they would be really stiff. The bike yesterday helped a lot. I feel just a little tight here and there, but overall really happy with the recovery.

Still autopsying the race in my head of what I can do better (everything) and how Max and I can plan the next 10 weeks to optimize my results for Timberman.

Looking forward to vacation next week (I will still be able to get in all my WOD's).


  1. Glad to hear the recovery is going well! And I hope that you and Nancy enjoy every moment on your vacation!! Have fun!

  2. the tri in early Oct is too close to the marathon. If it was two weeks out vs. one I would consider it. Anything in Sept? How about a sprint with a short swim (sometimes you can find them with swims as short as 300 to 500 yards).