Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not every day can be a pr

On Monday had front squats 5 sets of 5 reps. Substituted dumbbells for the barbell. First set was with 35lbs, 2nd was 50lbs, was feeling strong and tried 60lbs. Failed on the 3rd rep so I discounted this set and did 3 more with the 50lb. dumbbells.

Yesterday was an off day with a late night out with clients. Used it as my cheat meal (wondering how many carb blocks there were in the 4 beers I had?).

Today I did my 5k for time and the 6x400m immediately after. Was feeling good at the start on the treadmill. Had a gastrointestinal issue that I couldn't relieve because I was inside with other people, so I ended up running the whole 5k with a stitch in my side. Finished in 23:14. Took a 3 minute break (gastro issue resolved) and was ready to hit the 6x400's.

Here are the results 1) 1:30 2)1:23 3)1:21 4)1:31 5)1:25 6)1:19. There was a lot of heavy breathing. I am amazed at how long and how short 90 seconds can feel. The end can't come soon enough when I am running and I can't beleive how fast it goes while I am recovering.

Had a good conversation with Max today and am motivated and ready for the new year.

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