Monday, December 21, 2009

The Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night was thrusters (75lbs., 50 reps for time), then a tabata bike 24x. Went to the gym for my apartment, so I had to substitute dumbbells for the barbell. There are no 37.5 pound dumbbells, so it was either 40lbs or 35lbs. I had a conversation with Max without actually talking to him and he suggested I use the
40lb dumbbells. Finished in 5 minutes flat.

Hopped on the bike for the tabata work. I didn't keep track of distance covered, but worked as hard as possible. Legs actually felt pumped when I was done.

Saturday was an off day, but the beginning of my Total Immersion swim workshop. For the first time since I started training this past January, I felt comfortable in the water. I am extremely optimistic about the results and am looking forward to continuing to learn.

I switched up yesterday's workout and did the 5 pullups, 10 box jumps 15x for time. Again, I used no resistance. Switched the last 3 sets of pullups to close grip (easier for me) and finished in 19:58. Still can't believe I can do pullups.

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